Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Shoe is on the other foot!

I wrote on the blog several weeks ago about the Short Sale and REO offers that I submitted for my clients in this last several months. I wrote that my buyers were as frustrated as I was since we never heard back from too many of the agents for those listings. (especially the ones in Corona)

Now the shoe is on the other foot.

I have a brand new Short Sale listing that I put on the MLS and 3 days later we received over 15 offers (ONLY 15?)

Although I plan to review all these offers with my seller, we are planning to submit the one and only 'best and highest' to the lender and we will probably send about 3-4 offers as 'back ups'.

I feel so bad because only one of those offers will be accepted by the Lender.
My buyers were disappointed, I was disappointed (and overworked)

However, now that I have the same situation happens to me as listing agent; although as busy as I am, I replied to each and everyone of the agents that I received their offers. I told them that I plan to review the offer with the sellers and let them know of the latest update.

That is the least I can do to provide the feedback to the buyers and their agents.
It takes a little more work, but I am running a business.

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