Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Buyer's Question.

I saw a question on Homes.com

Are we obligated to use the real estate agent that showed us the house that we want to buy?? 

I did not answer but this is what was on my mind:

Unfortunately most agents work for long hours and paying lots of dues, fees, association fees (local board and national). They are not getting paid for all the hours until they sold the home(s). I have been a buyer in the past (30 years+ ago) and I have not used the agent that showed me the homes that I did not like or want. Another agent stepped in and showed me another cluster of homes that I liked and ended up buying a home from her. I felt really bad until now. I have been looking and asked so many agents to take me out to look at homes, land and ranches in the past without buying from any of those agents. This also bothered me. I believe it is the nature of business. Now that I am an agent, I have had so many of these bad experiences happened to me. I had a few couples that    I showed 100 of homes in the last 5 to 6 years.