Saturday, December 10, 2016

Real Estate Business.

Real Estate agents (and brokers) are viewed negatively as lawyers, car salesman and

To add to this article about the real estate career analysis:

In the United States Alone there are currently 5 million plus individuals working in the various parts of the real estate industry, including mortgage banking, construction, title insurance, appraising, property management, brokerage and leasing, and real estate development. In addition to that number are the thousands of people working as commercial banking lenders, corporate real estate agents, savings and loan officers, and insurance companies who aren’t officially part of the real estate industry. Because real estate serves as a guarantee for mortgages and the foundation for mass amounts of capital, more than 33% of global financial assets are connected to real estate. Real estate is an exciting and essential part of the global society. Those who work in real estate provide a service that affects each of our lives, and they contribute to development that will impact society for generations....
There are other businesses that depends on Real Estate agent that are left out of the above. RE Signs companies, signs installer, business cards/brochures printing companies, Real Estate magazines, REO Rehabs, Staging company, Interior Designers, House cleaning companies, Gardeners, Landscape companies, Pool & Spa companies, Termite inspection, Home inspection, Homeowner Insurance company. Real Estate web sites, Real Estate advertising / magazines.