Saturday, January 29, 2011

Real Estate Technology.

Realtor must be high-tech savvy & technology can be wonderful tools in this business.

When I work with a buyer with a particular property that they are interested and wants to purchase. I can log into our title company web site and 5 minutes later, I can produce the title profile report that the client can really use. It has the title, deed, property taxes status, loan info, NOD, NOT, etc.

To protect his investment, I can download the MLS report and also download all the photos of the property. I can check on all the permits obtained for the property, based on a report from the Riverside county planning department. I can use the APN to search for the property so I can see the plot plan on the county map.

When I go out to show property, I create the list of properties to show by using the MLS system to search and print out list of properties. I can schedule the appointment based on the maps of these locations of these properties. I also programmed my GPS to each property so I can plan a good and quick route from one home to the next.

When I go to the home to show the homes to my client, I use the SUPRA Key to unlock the SUPRA Lock Box. SUPRA Lock Box logs all the agents' key # which identifies the names of the agents that visit the home when he or she uses SUPRA KEY.

There are many other high technologies that are being used in Real Estate industry in this past few years.... IPhone is being use for property search. IPad is another tool with the potential for use to find properties for sale while you are on the go.

Talking Sign on the property is another new technology being used to make it easy for the buyer to find out about the home while they are driving by................. more to come..

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Loan Modification? Seriously Flaw Systems.

Going off to see a client, he has been trying for 3 years to get the loan mod but he never missed or late on his mortgage payments. The lender just kept denied his case. Why not? He was paying twice as much (or more) as everyone in the neighborhood. We did tried to do a short sale 3 years ago and he gave up; as he thought that he could get the loan modification and keep his home that he and his wife love.

He saved all the documents to and from the lender. We are going to box it and Fed Ex it to the lender. Just kidding..

Ok, this is not funny, this is a sad story. The gentleman lost all his savings and now going to have to be forced to short sale his home. They kept the home in a great shape and now all the money is gone. What does it say here? That if you are a good citizen work hard, and made good on all of his obligations, that you are better off to just stop paying, save your money and then walk away?

A sad situation - this is what is going on in our country. It does not look that it is going to get any better. Do not think that the government is going to be able to fix it.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hot Properties Photo Gallery

Hot Property photo gallery -

Hot Property photo gallery -

From bungalow to modern ( Jeff Ong ) Alex Kingston and Florian Haertel sold their redesigned Hollywood Hills home, which sits on about half an acre with a swimming pool.