Friday, July 27, 2012

Pathetic Business.

I am not holding back any longer...

This business is pathetic...

I had a cash buyer for this house, IT WAS A SHORT SALE.
We put in an offer and waited and waited and waited
Finally the bank said they wanted more money.... and refused to let my buyer have
the house...

The buyer got frustrated, went to Fallbrook, saw a home they like and got a
deal in with the LISTING AGENT. They bought it thru the listing agent
and now live in that house...

Boom, I lost the buyer, The STUPID Bank lost the deal for the seller.

The property went into FORECLOSURES or AUCTION?

The bank got it back

Current Price$371,000
Previous Price$390,000
Amount of Change-$19,000
Date of Change06-29-2012
Initial Price$414,900

and now they finally has it at  BACKUP or PENDING At
$371,000 nearly $30,000 less than my SHORT SALE's OFFER.



Property Image


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