Friday, June 8, 2012

REAL Stories About Real Estate.

My purpose is to educate the sellers and the buyers of the complexity of Real Estate,
life and life events.

I submitted an offer for my clients for $1,250,000 for a home in Murrieta / La Cresta in 2008,
This "A" home was listed for Short Sale for $1,350,000.  

The sellers rejected my buyers' offer, they said the investors want at least $1,300,000.

In 2009 the sellers lost thus  home (and 4 other homes that he built)
and the home was finally sold by the investors as REO on 05/05/2010 at $1,150,000. 
I showed several of this sellers' homes (that he lost) to other clients and one day,
I met one of his original investors and I told him about my offer for  the "A" home
that the sellers rejected.  The investor told me he never was told of the $1,250,000
offer for that  "A" home.

Interesting.. Life goes on...
My buyers were loyal to me and in 2009, we finally found a home for them in the Temecula Wine Country.
The home is in the prestigue Country Estates Road, it was listed as a Short Sale for

The home is 6,120 sq ft. and has pool, spa, and 6+ acres, They bought it at $830,000.

My clients added a BBQ area, 2 patios and still happily living in it.

That home is probably worth at least $1,200,000.

Happy home selling and buying.. :) 

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