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In Depth: America's Most Expensive Cities Behind the Numbers To determine the U.S. cities where the cost of living is highest, the London office of

America's Most Expensive Cities 2009

Forbes staff

Oct 15th, 2009

Behind the Numbers

Earlier this year, the London office of Mercer, an American human resources consulting company measured the prices of the same basket of goods in 253 of the world's cities to determine where the cost of living is highest. Over 200 products are selected for the basket as representative of executive spending patterns and including everything from rent for a luxury apartment to the cost of a fast-food hamburger. Mercer chose a sampling of U.S. cities to measure, the ten most expensive of which are listed here.

New York tops a recent list, Los Angeles comes in at second place, White Plains, N.Y.#3, San Francisco, Calif #4,
Location has a lot to do with why New York and Los Angeles top the list.

In Depth: America's Most Expensive Cities