Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Dairy Confession of The Lady House Seller

Are you smiling when you read the title of this topic on my Real Estate News & Views.

I have been posting someone else news and views for several years. I have a writer's block and I can not think and write at the same time. I can take a car for a long drive in the country by myself, on the freeway and I can really think but I can not think of anything to write when I am sitting down with my laptop to write something on.

I have no idea how any real estate agent can write a long article and write daily on their BLOG as well as posting messages on Facebook, participate on the forums on Active Rain etc.

After a long day dealing and working with tons of paper in this real estate business.
I only have 15 active clients, 5 of which are sellers and 10 are my buyers but my clients
already keeping me very busy.
I am not complaining but I am exhausted at the end of the long day.
Still I was told that Blogging is a must if I am going to survive in this business so,
I have to BLOG. However, I have been on the internet for over 15 years or so.. or more? So why can I not write something of my own on the BLOG?
(I bought my first PC in 1985 and I used to log into the BB# to talk to the SYSOP.. was that the internet? lol )

So there you go... Come back and visit my BLOG again and I will give you a real treat!

Good night sweet dreams ... for now.......................................


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Deryl said...

I know and share your challenge of a writer's block from time to time, particularly after a long day. Its possible that you just need to take a break from all the writing and perhaps work a little in your garden. I just happen to know that you have quite a green thumb! (Smile) Walks are good too, or like you indicated, a drive in the country can be very relaxing as well. Let me know which one you choose!