Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Chicken Little Doesn't Sell Houses.

A good article by Rismedia.

Chicken Little Doesn’t Sell Houses
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By Mike Parker

RISMEDIA, Dec. 9, 2008-”One day, Chicken Little was walking in the woods when-KERPLUNK-an acorn fell on her head. ‘Oh my goodness!’ said Chicken Little. ‘The sky is falling!” Thus begins a timeless tale that seems more relevant each time I read another “authoritative” article positing that the recovery in real estate is years away.

I want to scream: “Your 2009 will be what YOU make it. The sky is not falling and you can be sure that many people will succeed in 2009, just as many continue to succeed, even now.”
We should refuse to buy in to “informed opinion” that predicts three more years of economic morass. It’s time we take responsibility for our own success and make things happen for ourselves.

Once we get through January, I believe we will see the beginnings of recovery. Credit will loosen, people will begin to regain some confidence that Washington has an idea of what they are doing, and opportunities to succeed will abound. Oh, it never will be 2005 again, but who really wants that, anyway? Agents who fail to take strong action to succeed despite conditions will be dropping like acorns in a stiff wind.

Are you Chicken Little? Paralyzed by fear and “informed opinion?” Or, are you a real professional, determined to harvest the opportunity that you know will manifest itself when confidence returns?


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