Friday, May 30, 2008

Glass Is Half Full? Or Half Empty?

Glass Is Half Full? Or Half Empty?
Daily Real Estate News | May 28, 2008
Plenty of Positive Market News Today

Hungry for a little good real estate news? Leon d’Ancona, president of IMS Inc., has something to cheer you up.

D’Ancona, who provides real estate information to the industry, has set up a Web site that lists 2,319 markets in the United States where homes are selling well.

For instance, Loganville, Ga., homes sold 38.5 percent faster in April than they did in March, and sales of homes in Avondale, Ariz., increased by 64 percent in April compared with March

"The problem with glass-is-half-empty stories is that they have an undue psychological impact on markets that is not borne out by all the facts," says d’Ancona. "We know, because it's our business to know, that there are hundreds of cities and thousands of neighborhoods in the United States right now where the market is very healthy, thank you.”

I know that bad news travels fast (and fury) I like to hear a little bit of good news and there are good news out there too.

Source: IMS Inc. (05/27/08)

PS: Similar stats here in Riverside County.
Murrieta CA 22%
Temecula CA 0.8%
Sun City CA 27.6%
Hemet CA 38.5%
Menifee CA 23.8%
Perris CA 9.7%

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