Thursday, November 29, 2007

Holidays 'food drive'

We have been doing the 'food drive' for the last 2 months.
We distributed brochures and on the designated days we would go out and collect the foods. It is the food drive collection for the local food banks.

We only ask for canned and non-perishable foods. Each Realtor volunteered and picked his/her own designated routes. Many of us collected bags and bags of foods each time we conducted the drive, some had less, depended on the route.

We have one more designated day to collect the food.

We also designated Saturday, 2-3 Realtors from our office would take turn and work at Walmart, Albertson & Stater Brothers supermarkets to collete foods from shoppes. We ask them on the way to their shopping to get extra can of food and donate.
We sign up in our office to work from 10 to 4pm. This is arranged ahead of time and we got permissions from the managers to set up the tables in the front of the stores.

Many people with children are very generous and they donated several big bags of foods. They are teaching their children to give and share during the holidays.

Some people are visibly irritated that we bothered them.
It takes certain personality to go up to people and ask them for donation (begging), I think at my age, I can take it lol.

One Sat I went in for a 12 to 2 pm spot and had to help another Realtor so I filled up the spot until 4 since no other Realtor signed up for the 2 to 4 slot.

I am going to work at Walmart it again this Sat. We get more donations at Walmart since more people are shopping there and they are not in a hurry or hungry as people shopping at Albertson and Stater Brothers.

So far we pretty much filled up the food banks for Thanksgiving and hopefully we can do the same for Christmas. We thought of doing Turkey but we did not want to do it because of the liability and logistic issues. Turkey has to be kept cold, frozen or not.


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